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Should You Be Harvesting Tax Losses ?
Tax-loss harvesting can be a useful portfolio management tool that can lower your tax costs. It can be part of an annual rebalance, or you may keep the tax benefits in mind as you opportunistically invest throughout the year. Your investment strategy should always be the priority, and to get the maximum benefit, think through the implications of the sales of both gains and losses before you execute. And of course – consulting your financial and tax advisor is always a good idea.‍
August 11, 2022
Is it Time to Hire a Financial Advisor? How Do You Even Do That?
Working with a financial advisor can be one of the most productive professional relationships you’ll have. You can structure the relationship any way you want to reflect your style, needs, and comfort level.Whether you want an advisor who will be a partner for many years to come, who will be your “first call” no matter what happens, or if you like to DIY your money and need some help creating a plan you can implement – there’s an advisor for everyone.
July 26, 2022
More Money More Problems - Understanding Equity Compensation
Depending on the type of compensation you have, the way you need to address it is different. Executives with stock in public companies will have different needs than employees of start-ups that haven’t gone public yet or are in early stages. The type of equity compensation you hold will dictate the strategy you need to put in place. With equity compensation, two things are most important: -Making sure you clearly understand all of the regulations and deadlines you’ll need to meet; -Planning for paying the taxes, and minimizing the impact
July 19, 2022
Tax Planning for Mid-Late Career Professionals
Financial planning used to be something that people did at retirement to convert their savings into income. But lifestyles look different now, and the retirement trajectory is much shorter for many people. Starting early on your financial plan makes sense, and tax planning is a big part of building wealth that will last.
July 14, 2022
Mistakes are Expensive: Mid Career Professionals Embrace Financial Planning
The mid-point is where you are starting to see your work pay off-You're still in the building and growing phase as you get closer to retirement. However, with that increased complexity comes a high opportunity cost of messing up. Is it time to check in with a professional?
July 5, 2022
Bear Market Survival Tips
Tune out the noise and focus on YOUR PLAN --Downturns come and go. The results of a well-designed and faithfully followed plan, on the other hand, can serve you the rest of your life.
June 28, 2022
It’s Not About Inflation, It’s About Volatility
Inflation is driving the headlines and wreaking havoc on budgets. But for long-term investors – mostly everyone – short-term inflation isn’t the biggest risk to financial plans. Volatility is. It’s being fueled by the Federal Reserve’s efforts to balance bringing down inflation with keeping the economy out of recession.
June 13, 2022
Mid Year 2022 Financial Fitness Check-In
Thinking about your financial picture holistically and keeping all the different pieces tuned up is important to make sure you and your family are achieving your goals and staying protected. Taking the time to check in with some of the bigger items before you turn to the lazy, hazy days of summer will have you in great shape when Fall rolls around.
June 6, 2022
Retiring Early? How Volatility Impacts Savings
If retiring early has been your plan, you may be worried if it’s still possible given the recent volatility. Moving from contributing to withdrawing savings is a big step, and when markets are volatile, it’s even more important to have a plan in place to ensure your savings will last.
June 1, 2022
Market Volatility is Rearing its Head. What to Do?
It can be unnerving when it comes to market volatility, but with the right plan and proper guidance, you can navigate it seamlessly without losing sleep. If you don't have a plan, then you're just reacting. When was the last time you had your plan stress tested?
May 19, 2022
Cash Flow Planning When You’re at the Mid-Point of Your Career
Creating a flexible financial plan that protects your family, grows your assets, and minimizes risks and taxes is the foundation of building wealth. At this stage, you are starting to accumulate enough that mistakes and missed opportunities can be very costly. As your financial journey unfolds, it’s important to ensure that it keeps up with your life. As you change and grow, your goals will evolve, and your resources often increase. Ensuring that your planning matches your life stage is critical to growing wealth and staying on track as you move forward.
May 18, 2022
Getting to a Closing in a Red-Hot Real Estate Market
For a buyer, it’s a frustrating time to enter the housing market. Given the likelihood that interest rates will continue to rise and inventories will not increase dramatically anytime soon, you’ll need to be strategic, prepared, and fast-moving. Do your research, set your expectations, and get your ducks in order.
May 11, 2022
The Mid-Point of Your Career: Creating Options in Life and Work
The mid-point is where you are starting to see your work pay off-You're still in the building and growing phase as you get closer to retirement. However, with that increased complexity comes a high opportunity cost of messing up. Is it time to check in with a professional?
May 11, 2022
My Company Stock Just Dropped! Now What?
Stock market volatility can be amplified when a large portion of your compensation is tied to our employer's stock. But remember that stock compensation is a long-term deal, and with restricted stock or RSUs you receive at least some value at vesting, even if the company's stock price has fallen since grant.
May 10, 2022
The New Value of Advice: A Holistic Approach for Everyone
Financial advice expands beyond selecting products for an asset allocation and can include assistance with tax planning, insurance reviews, goal setting and prioritization, and cash flow management. As client needs become less investment-focused and more life-focused, financial advice has begun to evolve and take on a new form. Working with an advisor to re-focus your finances can help bring clarity and confidence to some of life’s most important decisions. In this article, we break down a few ways this new style of advice brings value to clients at all stages of life. 
April 21, 2022