About Paul J Saad, CFP®

Founded Collabria in 2012
Masters in Business Administration
Fluent in French
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I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ residing in Danville, California and the Principal Co-founder of Collabria Capital, Inc.

In 2004, after a career in corporate sales, I decided that I would enjoy helping individuals and their families succeed by guiding them through often complex personal and financial issues. Becoming a financial advisor was a perfect fit, because it combined my background in finance with a desire to have a more personal impact on clients. Working for the Global Wealth Management group of a leading Wall Street firm allowed me to gain valuable experience and learn much about the entire industry.

However, eventually, I realized that I could best serve clients through an independent business model that eliminated conflicts of interest and that allowed for greater intimacy and objectivity, so in 2012, I founded Collabria Capital. I purposely designed our process to be able to deliver a consistently high level of personalized and collaborative client experience (hence our name: Collabria!!!), by keeping our client list "right sized" and leveraging technology we are able to deliver on that commitment to you.

Outside of work I can be found hiking, playing guitar, spending time with family, and volunteering for non-profit organizations.

In addition to earning my CFP®, I have an MBA and am a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA); the National Association of Personal Advisors (NAPFA); XY Planning Network (XYPN); and the Fee-Only network.


Professional Affiliations

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