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Helping You Achieve Financial Independence and Navigate Through Retirement

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1) How Much Can You Spend In Retirement?

First we'll get a basic idea of what you might be able to spend in retirement.

Retirees rarely run out of money.
Instead, they adjust over time, spending more when they can and less when they must.

The questions we answer are: how likely is it that you will need to take a pay cut; how large might that be; when might that occur; and how long might that last?

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2) Explore Your Options

Next we will explore some options for your specific goals and tax-optimization.

Deciding how to best source portfolio withdrawals involves accounting for a full range of tax effects and a wide range of withdrawal strategies as they apply to each client's unique situation.

We will help you to evaluate the tax consequences of strategies like tax bracket management and tax-ordering. Taking into account all planed cash flows (Social Security, Rental Income, Dividends, Portfolio Withdrawals, etc.) and their differential tax treatment.

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3) Choose A Plan

Together, we'll pick a plan to follow and get started.

We'll determine the optimal Social Security claiming strategy, Medicare/Healthcare option, and incorporate economic and market conditions and forecasts.

4) Monitor Plan & Adjust As Needed

We will monitor the plan regularly and let you know when a change is required or looks likely.

Retirement planning is not a one-time event. Dynamic planning requires ongoing plan monitoring. We provide continuous fiduciary ready plan oversight. You can rest assured that your plan is being actively monitored.

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