True wealth is having time for the things that matter.

Whether you’re at the mid-point of your career or approaching retirement, we're here to  help guide you through a constantly evolving financial landscape, so that you can make the best financial decisions for yourself and those you care about -- For now and for the future.

If you receive stock based compensation (equity compensation) at a pre-IPO start-up, a growing public company, or a blue chip that just developed a life-saving vaccine, stock options can provide a boost to your current and long-term wealth. The concept is relatively straightforward, but like everything else, the devil is in the details.

Maximizing your profit is just one side of the equation – taxes are also a consideration, and the rules are complex. We help you sort what’s important, so you can make choices that create flexibility.

Collabria Capital, Inc. is a San Francisco/Bay Area based fee-only financial planning & investment management firm that helps busy professionals simplify their financial lives through a highly personalized approach.

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Life moves pretty fast – are your finances still in sync with your goals?

Let us help guide you through an evolving financial landscape so that you can feel confident about the future:

Clarify your goals, values, and objectives
Organize your financial life
Create a highly personalized action plan
Monitor your progress-so that you stay on track
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Learn more about our highly personalized approach designed to bring clarity, comfort, and control to our client's lives

Medical Professionals - Doctors - Physicians

Jack and Brittany

Career(s): Physicians
Situation: Considering a career change, wants to take time off, college planning
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Late Career Professional - Retirement


Career(s): Data scientist
Situation: Ready to retire, wants to travel abroad
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Mid Career Professional - Equity Compensation


Career(s): AI Engineer
Situation: Considering early retirement, ready to start a family
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7 Steps to Financial Independence for Mid-Career Professionals

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