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Financial Aspects: The Podcast

ESG & SRI Investing Strategies | Doing Well by Doing Good (feat. Jenny Coombs)
Paul talks with Jenny Coombs (Associate professor at the College for Financial Planning) about the increasingly popular investment trend known as Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI). We cover definitions of the terminology, history & trends, investor profiles, and much more.
April 8, 2022
Planning for the Financial Impact of Divorce (feat. Sabine Webb)
Family law attorney Sabine Webb (Webb Chang LLP) talks with Paul about the financial impacts of divorce and the importance of preparation and education. We cover such topics as division of assets (community vs separate property), spousal & child support, mediation vs litigation, and recent trends such as "graying divorce" for those over 50.
April 8, 2022
Are You Managing Your Money to Enhance Your Life? (feat. Mitch Anthony)
"Money should be a tool not an end". Mitch Anthony, author, radio host....talks with Paul about the concept of Return on Life.
April 8, 2022