Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement includes making important decisions on things like Social Security claiming, Medicare/healthcare options, receiving a pension lump sum vs annuity, income planning and various tax efficient Distribution options. The choices that you make can have long term consequences, and some choices may even be irreversible.

We can help educate and guide you through the myriad of decisions and options to find the strategies that are most appropriate for your specific situation.

More importantly, retirement is not an end, but rather, the beginning of a new phase of life. We can help define your vision of retirement that will allow you to be:

  • Engaged
  • Purposeful
  • Involved
  • Challenged

We want you to be the driver. In control of your life, not a passenger.  It’s time to reframe your thinking from “Retiring from something” to “retiring to something” another 30+ years of life!

Moving from an accumulation to a distribution strategy requires a change of focus.

Retirement planning is more straightforward during the accumulation phase. However, the day will come when you must finally harvest the fruits of your labor and start withdrawing your hard earned savings. At that point the goal is no longer simply to grow your account balance, but also to provide enough current income to meet your spending needs and, if desired, to satisfy estate or charitable objectives.

Success will be measured by your happiness and the careful monitoring of withdrawal rates and account values to ensure that your various goals are met.


“How can you insure that the money you need in the near term is safe and predictable, and not subject to the day-to-day market fluctuations, while you simultaneously put yourself in a position to receive the long-term market returns required to provide an increasing income stream throughout your entire life?”

At Collabria, we believe that a Bucket Strategy can be an effective solution for this conundrum. The Bucket Strategy creates “buckets” of investments appropriate to the corresponding time frame in which the income need is anticipated:

The Bucket Strategy is not a one-time “set it and forget it approach”.  It’s a fluid, adaptive strategy that should be tailored to your goals, objectives, and financial situation. Most likely your plan will need adjusting over time as the market swings, inflation fluctuates and your lifestyle changes.

Call us today to discuss how it may work for you!