What Does Retirement Mean To You?


Let us make it easy! We can guide you through the process.

In preparing for retirement you probably have many specific questions about your situation. You are not alone, most clients have several detailed questions, here are some of the most common questions I receive:

  •  Am I on track for a secure retirement?
  • When is the “right time” to start collecting social security?
  • What does medicare cover?
  • How long will my nest egg last?
  • What if things go badly in the market?

Moving from an accumulation to a distribution strategy requires a change of focus.

Planning for retirement includes making important decisions on things like Social Security claiming, Medicare/healthcare options, receiving a pension lump sum vs annuity, income planning and various tax efficient Distribution options. The choices that you make can have long term consequences, and some choices may even be irreversible.

We can help educate and guide you through the myriad of decisions and options to find the strategies that are most appropriate for your specific situation.

More importantly, retirement is not an end, but rather, the beginning of a new phase of life. Let us help define your vision of retirement that will allow you to enjoy a life that is:

  • Engaged
  • Purposeful
  • Involved
  • Challenged 

“I’ve been in the business of helping people retire for 15 years. And to be candid, I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with this transition in life in a number of different ways. We offer Retirement Coaching services to help you think about the issues associated with retirement to ensure you have the best transition possible.” 

Paul Saad

What Does Retirement Mean To You?

The idea of retirement has changed; we need to look at things differently. Figuring out how much you need is simply mechanical, and most basic retirement software can do that. Having the appropriate resources let’s you sleep at night, but having a “purpose” gets you up in the morning.

We seek to help clients get a better return on life. The old retirement conversation was about funding my retirement, the new conversation is about how am I going to spend my time and resources. 

We want you to be the driver. In control of your life, not a passenger.  It’s time to reframe your thinking from “Retiring from something” to “retiring to something” another 30+ years of life!

It’s up to you — Whether you should retire at 62, 65, or some other age, only you can decide what is right for you. In fact, you may want to reconsider retiring at all––at least in the traditional sense.

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