We are a “fee-only”independent investment advisory firm. This helps us to avoid many of the traditional conflicts of interest inherent to the financial services industry. We believe that if our sole source of compensation is our clients, then our loyalty will lie solely with them.

A fee-only advisor is paid directly by the client and will not receive any other form of compensation from any third party (broker/dealer, insurance company, mutual fund family, etc). Being a fee only advisor elevates the advisor’s responsibility to one of fiduciary from mere suitability.


Our three service offerings

1. Wealth Management

Most of our clients engage us for traditional wealth management (Discretionary Investment Management + Life Planning). For this service, Collabria charges a minimum annual fee of $5,000* and a maximum annual fee of $25,000 based on the following schedule:

For clients who entrust us to manage a minimum of $250,000, we will develop a comprehensive strategy linking your goals and objectives to your most important values. By collaborating with your tax planners, attorneys, and insurance providers, we will ensure that your plan is complete, relevant, and efficient. As your life evolves we will continue to adapt your plan accordingly.

Additionally, we provide the discretionary selection, monitoring, and on-going management of investments, regularly scheduled client reviews/portfolio reporting, and on-going education on a variety of financial topics. 

2. Financial Planning Only

A financial plan can be project based (one time engagement) or on-going/recurring on a monthly subscription model.

The rate for creating a financial plan ranges between $3,500 and $12,000, depending upon the complexity of the situation and the needs of the client. Prior to engagement, a detailed scope of work and final fee calculation will be included in the Financial Planning Agreement.

A typical plan will address one or more goal/transition event.


3. PlanNow

For young professionals and individuals with less complex requirements, we offer a 3rd level of service called PlanNow.

PlanNow clients pay a discounted flat subscription fee of $250.00/mnth for planning, advice, and model-based investment management services.

This increases to $500/Mnth ($6,000/yr) for assets over $500,000. Once assets reach 1 Million the client will migrate to one of Collabria’s other services. 

(see PlanNow subtab for details).

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