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Life move’s pretty fast – Is your financial plan keeping pace?

Welcome to The Financial Aspects Podcast Series, where your host Paul Saad will take a fresh approach to help you explore and navigate critical financial issues, in order to maximize your return on life.

Upcoming Episodes:

  • Understanding estate planning – It’s not just for the wealthy
  • Divorce and your finances
  • Timely tax considerations
  • Creating a sustainable income stream
  • Choosing and paying for college
  • Advice from a recent retiree
  • Understanding Environmental and Socially Responsible Investing (ESG & SRI)
  • Basics of Investing in rental properties
  • Maximizing your Return On Life (ROL®)
  • Challenges of the sandwich generation
    • Caring for aging parents
  • Charitable gifting and philanthropy
  • What should I know about social security
  • What should I know about Medicare
  • Special needs Trusts