College Planning is about more than just using 529s to save for college.

It’s about helping families pay the lowest tuition rate without negatively impacting their retirement and other financial goals.


Don’t let paying for college be the “ticking time-bomb” in your financial plan. We can help you figure out:

  • How investments influence the amount of aid offered.
  • How to find your Expected Family Contribution.
  • How a student’s personal assets and income factor into the equation.
  • The impact that divorce and family-size have on the aid-qualification process.
  • How scholarships and grants are awarded and which ones you should focus on given your financial profile.
  • How to evaluate each college’s Net Price Calculator to attain a realistic picture of what that college will actually cost.
  • Strategies for Grand-parent contributions
  • The difference between government and private loans and how to choose the right ones.
  • The impact of home equity, investment properties and interest in a small business

The reality of college tuition pricing is that regardless of income, there are probably more financial aid and cost cutting strategies available to you than you expect.



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